that’s what friends are for…


Another installation of IM Quotables, by yours truly and one Migs Vuitton

Holly: this is completely random, but if anything ever happens to me and my picture needs to be published in some official capacity, like i’m lost and i’m on the news or i die and they need something for the obituary, i’m putting you in charge of choosing the picture
because my mom and my sister will choose some fucked up shit
like my current FB picture

Mikee: lmao
thats funny
i’ll make you a collage boo

Holly: oh perfect.

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  1. 9/06/2010eartha say:

    I like that picture!

  2. 9/06/2010Manuel say:

    I actually think Mikee should do some sultry, sweaty nude picts a la Playgirl and use those in case of emergency.. Hell, go into hiding and do it anyway. You would be famous instantly.