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san diego fair: a deep fried food guide - It’s Holly

san diego fair: a deep fried food guide


Let’s just get right to it, shall we?

fresh potato chips + fresh onion rings: a fair staple. i highly recommend the bacon cheese sauce. the ranch, not so much. it tasted like they used miracle whip. narrsty.

oops. hee hee hee.

chocolate covered bacon. a little chewier than i thought it would be, but tasty nonetheless.

mexican funnel cake: a.k.a. “a flat churro”. i think this was one of the overall favorites of the day.

deep fried butter on churros: first of all, stop judging me. second of all, we didn’t finish it. that large log shaped item on the top of the pile of other deep fried pieces of dough is the deep fried butter. it looks so light and fluffy and unassuming. until you take a bite. the butter absorbs into the dough, so you don’t see it when you take a bite, but as you start chewing. sweet baby jesus, it’s like butter bursting in your mouth. we barely finished 1 between the four of us. if you’re curious, get it. but it wasn’t mind blowing or extra delicious by any means.

sweet potato corn dog: skip this. i don’t know if it was the oil they used to deep fry or what, but the sweet potatoes didn’t even taste like sweet potatoes, it just tasted like an oily sponge. boooo.

hash brown corn dog: i had high hopes for this, i really did, but skip it. same place as the sweet potato dog, same greazy ass oily spongy potato mess. boooooo.

steamed artichoke: with mayo and butter to dip! we felt like we had to get a vegetable in somewhere. here it is.

fresh grilled corn: ooh look, another vegetable! heather said this was delicious.

chicken wings: these were super tasty, and kind of surprised us all.

turkey legs: i kept seeing these EVERYWHERE, and we didn’t actually get one because we were so full. next time i’ll get one.

deep fried oreos: i think this was the surprise winner of the day. we all looked at each other like, why is this good? WHY IS THIS GOOD!??? it shouldn’t be good! but… it was good.

deep fried avocado: my personal favorite of the day. douse that shit in hot sauce and go awf.

soft pretzel: the final purchase of the day, and was quite tasty! i haven’t had a good soft pretzel in a long time.

so, there it is. all the food we ate. and we didn’t finish ONE THING. not one.

… but how awesome is my camera?

There are 4 comments in this article:

  1. 16/06/2010Jean Alexandre say:

    Wow, just, wow. I would have loved to check this out!

  2. 16/06/2010eartha say:

    Yeah, we should’ve tried a turkey leg, lol.

  3. 16/06/2010eartha say:

    Oh and a chicken kabob! ahahaha

  4. 16/06/2010Holly say:

    ain’t nobodywantnochicken kabob!