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Early Shopping Ideas: 9 Days to Go


All things blik. I’m in dire need of apartment decor. I’ve been in my spot for 2 years, and this weekend was the first time I attempted to make it look livable (thanks to migs vuitton‘s guidance). These cool, not-so-permanent blik things will help, too:

Ferwood Mirror + Sticker (in large, pls)

I tend to kill plants, so these would also be awesome options:

Citrus Tree

OIive Tree

And, because I’m a designer, and I’m obsessed with typefaces:

Veer Typography

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Early Shopping Ideas: 10 Days to Go


I’m in very deep like with Vera Wang’s Spring Jewelry Collection.

Obviously, with $800+ pricetags, this is wishful thinking. But if you just happen to come into some money, and you just happen to be feeling generous, by all means, any of these will do:

vera wang butterfly
Vera Wang Dragonfly Chain Necklace

Vera Wang Web Butterfly Necklace

Also, if you find a cheap knockoff, I’m down with that, too. Thanks.

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Early Shopping Ideas: 13 Days to Go


You know what else you can get me for my birthday?

DVDs. And BluRays.

I just got a new TV, and I finally have a BlueRay/DVD player. So, get me movies. Get me YOUR FAVORITE movie. I just want to watch things on my beautiful TV in high definition. And every time I watch it, I’ll think of your beautiful face :)

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Early Shopping Ideas: 18 Days to Go


It’s that time again. Another year bites the dust… year 28, here I come! Just in case you’re having a hard time figuring out what to get me, I’m going to blog a gift I’d like every day until March 18th. You’re welcome :)

I’m currently über-obsessed with all things Etsy. Here are my favorites as of right now:

NOEMIAH Dylan Feather + Chain Necklace

Fancy Seven Layer Zipper + Cord Necklace by FancySense

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Early Shopping Ideas: 14 Days to Go


I’m pretty much a sucker for good typography… and I absolutely love this poster. 14 days until twenty-seven. yay?

I'm pretty sure I like you a lot

I'm pretty sure I like you a lot

You can find this at SupermarketHQ

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Early Shopping Ideas: 15 Days to Go


It’s that time again kids!!! 15 days left until the big 27. I’ve decided that I don’t like it when my age is an odd number. Twenty-seven… that’s just not a fun number to me. So, we’ll call it 15 days until the 1st anniversary of my 26th birthday. I usually start this countdown a bit earlier, but as previously stated, not too stoked to turn twenty-seven. Alas, you could buy me this:

etsy - lillie earrings
Lillie Earrings

How fierce are these? You could get ‘em for me and make turning twenty-seven a little less tragic.


merry christmas!


Sushi Pencil Toppers
Sushi Pencil Toppers

Yesterday, Stephers and I finally exchanged Christmas presents. She gave me a goodie bag full of…well… goodies (including the sushi pencil toppers pictured above). I got her a Dooney and Bourke change purse. I think I got the better present. So, thanks Stephies.

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Celebrating 26 Years of Tranny Hot Fierceness


I had a spectacular birthday night (because you know my actual birthday is on the 18th, but the celebration of said birthday is a month long activity). Here are some highlights:


daniel, em, h2


serra high school reunion – louis, h2, gabe




the definition of hot tranny mess: h2, mikee, em

you can see the rest here on the space.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and presents :) You made 26 (or, as I prefer to call it, the 10th anniversary of my 16th birthday) seem not soooo bad.

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Happy Birthday to Me!


I went to starbucks this morning, got my Iced Soy Honey Latte and turned around to a lady that said “Ohmigawd, your hair is gorgeous!”

What a way to start your morning – with a compliment. So, in an effort to pay it forward, I’m going to try to give a genuine compliment to someone every day, ’cause it sure did make my morning nice and my latte a little more tasty :]

Thanks for the birthday wishes so far this morning! I love you guys, like, love love.


Hot Tranny Fierce


As an early birthday present to myself, I’ve purchased these:


My first official pair of super ridiculously high priced Italian shoes (orig. $495) by CNC Costume National, purchased for the bargain basement price of $56 (thanks to some store credit). Happy birthday to meeeee.

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