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quadron: completely + totally obsessed



I can’t remember the last time I heard an album and absolutely couldn’t stop listening to it. Enter Quadron. It’s phenomenally phenomenal. They remind me a lot of little dragon. What is it with the Swedes and the Dutch comin’ out with this super chill downtempo funkdafied soulful shit? I love it and I can’t get enough. If you have any other recommendations of music along these lines, share the love, please. Check out some Quadron-y goodness below.

Quadron – Slippin

Quadron – Horse


janelle monae: i slept


I’m sorry to say… I slept on Janelle Monae. Hard. Her CDs have been sitting in my iTunes Library over a year. I had to re-discover her on a mixtape [big ups Real Niggas Light Candles - do it]. This song, this song right here, this song is my shit.

Enjoy, perras.

Janelle Monae : Metropolis [from The Audition]

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Wait for Me, Bandwagon! #1: Kings of Leon


This is my first post dedicated to bands and artists I come across that apparently everyone else and their momma knew about but me. It’s my official blog post to let everyone know I’ve officially hopped onto the bandwagon. So, first in “i heart music – wait for me, bandwagon” is Kings of Leon.

Kings of Leon: Closer

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So, not typical “Holly” music, right? One of the girls at work came into the office and said “Ohmigawd, is that Kings of Leon playing?”

I say: “Yup, I’m playing it. See, I like white people music, too!”

She says: “That’s not white people music, that’s like, band of boys from Tennessee white people music”

I say: “I guess I like red people music, then.”

Kings of Leon: On Call

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Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire

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So it’s good, right? I thought I’d slow down the bandwagon for a couple miles and let you guys jump on. You’re welcome.

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