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Another installation of IM Quotables, by yours truly and one Migs Vuitton

Holly: this is completely random, but if anything ever happens to me and my picture needs to be published in some official capacity, like i’m lost and i’m on the news or i die and they need something for the obituary, i’m putting you in charge of choosing the picture
because my mom and my sister will choose some fucked up shit
like my current FB picture

Mikee: lmao
thats funny
i’ll make you a collage boo

Holly: oh perfect.


Jonathan’s Stomach O’ Steele


I’ve been nasty sick the past two weeks (a little bit better now) – since the cruise has been over. I was telling Tina my reasoning:

Holly: i think my body is used to that cruise food
Holly: maybe i should go eat at Applebees or TGIFridays to make myself feel better
Tina: lol, did Jonathan get sick?
Holly: no
Holly: he has a stomach of steel, that fool was ordering 2 appetizers and 3 entrees every night
Tina: yea, he’s like a goat

Like a goat!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

my little stomach o steel zoolander blue steel sushi chef


“Thanks Holly!” Hey… np!


I say “np” a lot at work on IM. Of course, it means “no problem” (or, according to Gabriel, Nose Patrol). I’ve decided to substitute something else completely. Read the IM Quotable below:

Holly: I’ve decided that every time I type in “np” for no problem, I’m going to substitute “nigga please” and make myself laugh a little
Tina @ AIM: lmao
Holly: “Holly, can you push my slices live?”
Holly: “Done”
Holly: “Thanks”
Holly: “np”
Tina @ AIM: lolol
Tina @ AIM: now i’m gonna think that when I type it, lol
Holly: hey, np
Tina @ AIM: lol

How much more entertaining is this coversation knowing I’ve substituted nggaplz for no problem? It makes me giggle a little every time. :)

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IM Quotes of the Day


I need to keep track of these more. I have regular every day conversations on IM, but once in a while there are some jewels… quotes that need to be savored and re-laughed at. Here are two from today.

With Tina

Holly: i’m gonna tell you something. don’t get mad. lol
Tina @ AIM: just please say you used a condom
Holly: so i got the House of Blues email this morning
Holly: Maxwell tix on sale … 2 for 1
Tina @ AIM: son of a bitch

With Mikee

Holly: you see the new girl?
Mikee @ AIM: yea, i hid my valuables
Holly: holy shit
Mikee @ AIM: im serious! lol

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