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Boston – Day 4


I can’t remember. All I remember was snow. I jotted down some notes just to jog my memory so I could blog later… but you know how much I hate jogging. Here are my notes:

Class, lots and lots of class
Had lunch at a pub
Shopping – new purse from Aldo
Class, lots and lots of class
SNOW – holy shit, it’s snowing
Vinny T’s for dinner – fetuccini alfedo != spaghetti carbonara != fetuccini alfredo!!!
Bukowski’s Tavern – Avery Maharaja beer tasted like grapefruit

Holy shit, did it really snow? Why yes, yes it did!

Taken from the comfort of a coffee shop.

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Boston – Day 2, cont


My train was delayed. No big whoop. I never knew which state I was in. Apparently, I crossed a few. I always assumed Connecticut, because there wer elots of trees and white people. It was actually Rhode Island. Same thing though, right?

The view for 98% of the train ride

Boston is cold as fuck.

I got off the train, and attempted to find a cab. It took at least 20 minutes, which is the most ridiculous thing ever in a major city. My lips were numb, it was so cold! I finally got to the hotel and woke everyone up and we went to wander around Back Bay Boston.

View from our hotel room

We had lunch at a cute little Greek place, then walked around for a bit. And, yes, we even went to the KarmaLoop store. ::gasp:: And BOUGHT stuff ::gasp, gasp!!:: Don’t tell anyone.

KarmaLoop Flagship Store

Newbury St. = Rodeo Dr. of the east coast. Sooooo many shops. It was awesome. I found some cute gnomes:

Gnomes on Newbury

Back to the hotel to drop off our crap, then back out again to figure out how to take the T (the Boston subway). Not as difficult as I thought it would be, actually.

Then it was off to find the original Cheers (actually The Bull & Finch Pub, which inspired the series Cheers). We found this place:

Cheers “replica” bar. Boo!

It’s a “replica” of Cheers. BOOO!!! We want the real thing, bitches! An Irish Car Bob and 2 Sam Summer Ale’s later, we decided to just go down to Beacon Hill and find the real thing. Unfortunately, since it was an Irish Car Bomb and 2 Sam Summer Ale’s later, I had to pee as soon as we walked out the door. Of course, it’s all “customer’s only”, so I paid $6 for a Kafta Kabob Sandwich so all four of us could pee. And it was a really good sandwich, too.

We made it to Cheers:


Of course, we got Guinness, and of course, we toasted with “Cheers!!”. We asked the bartender for a good place to get some lobster that was relatively close. He sent us over to Legal Seafood. It was like my very own episode of Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels!

I opted for the breaded stuffed lobster. Heck, yes.



Update: If I never ever ever see another piece of lobster again, it’ll be waaaay too soon.

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