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NYC Day 2


Sorry for the delay… NYC Continued…

We started off Saturday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to head over to Le Parker and eat at Norma’s. It was my goal to have foie gras all day, every day, but after dinner the night before at Picholine, I couldn’t even say “foie gras”. So, I got the duck confit has and left the foie gras for Aunt Tracie. (And I’m glad I did, because it wasn’t that good)

Aunt Tracie’s Foie Gras Brioche French Toast

Lunch consisted of lots of shopping (yay shoes from Irregular Choice!), a quick dimsum stop, and this corn Jonathan had been raving about. I was skeptical at first, like… “Jonahtan, calm down, it’s just frickin’ corn. But alas, it was the most amazing corn on the cob ever – grilled to perfection with butter, poblano cheese and a little chili powder. Good job, Jono.

Fortunes at Chinatown Brassarie

We did a little more shopping and we were back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. It was another Jonathan pick – Fatty Crab – where the entire menu was either pork fat or crab. Yesssss…

MMM! Pork buns at Fatty Crab

Ray, scarfin’ down the fatty.

We ended the night at Samovar – a Russian Vodka bar with true-to-life pickled herring and potato eating Russians running the place. Needless to say, a good time was had by all – especilaly when there’s vodka and no mixers involved. It actually snowed a little, too! It was pretty, but cold.

More NYC adventures to come…

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NYC Day 1


I just woke up today, Saturday morning, from the best sleep ever. Probably because in the 43 hour span since Thursday morning at 6AM, I’d had about 45 minutes of sleep. We go hard, son.

I couldn’t sleep on the plane. I usually never can. I even took a Unisom! It was more like Uni-wake, because I was definitely not feeling the REM cycle by any means. It was sort of a weird, hazy half-sleep half-awake state of semi-consciousness. Kinda like when I’m at work.

We landed and slept in the cab on the way to the hotel. Jonathan had an appointment lined up for later in the afternoon, so we went to say hello to my co-workers over at Union Square.

Jono on the roof of our Union Square Office

He went to check into the hotel, and I stayed with them and had lunch at Havana Central - which is like what Portos would be if there were no bakery and only sandwiches. Portos is still better, so I won’t go into detail about how it was. It was “aiight”.

I finally made it back over to the hotel, and slept for about 15 minutes. Lucky for us, our hotel room faces street side, so we know when there’s an idiot holding up traffic for a taxi that’s going to beep his horn until he gets his way. Yay New York!

We got dressed in our fancy clothes, then headed down to Picholine – my first Michelin Star rated restaurant – two at that! Dinner was ridiculously amazing:

First Course – Holly: Foie Gras Terrine, Jonathan: Black Truffle Risotto
Winner – Jonathan (due to appearance of bacon in risotto)

Second Course – Holly: Chicken “Kiev” with Liquid Foie Gras, Jonathan: Lamb and Sweet Garlic Flan
Winner – Holly

Third Course РHolly: Liquid Chocolate Tart with Earl Gray Ice Cream, Jonathan: Chocolate Souffl̩
Winner – Jonathan

So, it looks like Jonathan won this round of “pick the best dish in the restaurant”, but, since I did actually PICK the restaurant, and he had no clue what it was… technically it can be called a tie.

With our bellies stuffed and full of foie gras goodness, we were off to Times Square (ugh) to see Legally Blonde the Musical (yay!). It’s HILARIOUS! Any musical that can start off with an opening number called “Ohmigod You Guys!” is a winner in my book.

The stage for Legally Blonde

After that, we caught the NR to the East Side (ugh) to meet up with Jonathan’s aunt and uncle (yay!) at the St. Regis. Turns out their bar was pretty packed, so we headed across the street and had a drink at The Penninsula instead.

Jonathan’s nice and buzzed, and I have a headache that started when we got off of the plane. I just wanted to sleep….

So we did, and now we’re ready to start the madness all over again – starting with breakfast at Norma’s at Le Parker Meridian.


Highlights in Retrospect : NYC


1. My subway stop smelled like sizzling bacon, every morning. How you gon’ be mad at that?

2. S’maaaaac: A restaurant that serves ALL macaroni and cheese, ALL day long? How you gon’ be mad at THAT?!?

3. Hiro: We didn’t know Sunday Night was cock night at Hiro. Jenny, Ryan and I went there thinking it was regular ol’ hip hop night, but lo and behold, it was Sausage Fest. Sorry Ryan.

4. World Trade Center – Ground Zero: Much more powerful than I thought it would be. The pictures on display almost brought me to tears. I had to turn away.

5. I got new hair: One of my co-workers recommended Ouidad salon. I had no idea there was a salon that specialized in ONLY curly hair! My hair has been waiting for this for 25 years. I was never taught how to properly style or take care of my hair. Vincent (the best stylist ever) taught me more about my hair in 15 minutes than an entire lifetime of trial and error.

6. Clarione, Daisy’s BBQ and the Red Velvet Cupcake

7. My first baseball game – The Yankees and the Indians

8. The Roof: Damn, I love that rooftop.

9. Meeting AJ: My cousin Angie had a baby 2 years ago, I finally met him when they came up to NYC for the day. He’s my favorite.

10. Rudy’s Bar & Grill: I guess the “grill” was the little hot dog 7-11 rotate-o type device at the end of the bar. Damn, I love Rudy’s.

11. PINKBERRY!!!!!!!!! My one true love. Treats me better than any man could.

12. Central Park

13. John Legend @ Madison Square Garden: One of my co-workers, who I’ll be forever indebted to, got me last minute tickets (literally, last minute – the tickets were in my hand 20 minutes before the show started) to see John Legend. I took Patrick, who I’ve known since I was 15. It was his first real “sit-down” concert. It was my 500th.


NYC -> Boston, Day 2


All last night, and most of this morning, I was debating on whether or not to take the subway to Penn station (which is one stop away), or to be lazy and take a taxi. My only worry was carrying my big ass suitcase up and down the stairs.

I decided on the subway. The stairs weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. Especially since my bag has wheels. lol

Dancers at the subway station

If you know me, you know that me, doing this by myself, was being “adventurous”. I’m all about the “easy” button. I know, it seems little, but I’ve never really traveled by myself like this. Sure, I’ve gone to Paris, but Jonathan was there. I can handle a flight by myself, but sticking me in unfamiliar territory and setting me free is a whole ‘nother story.

And if you know me, you know I’m all about being early. Sometimes ridiculously early… like right now. i’m sitting in Penn station. I got here at 7:15. My train leaves at 8:30. But I’m here!! I always give myself plenty of time to get lost… ’cause I do that.

So here I am, bored and tired, and about to start working on Documentation for work. I hate documentation. Who wants to sit down and write about what they do all day? Well, write about what they’re supposed to be doing all day. I don’t think future employees want to see:

1. Update the header file in : header.html, top_nav.html, header_search.html
2. Check myspace
3. Footer files: footer_sec.html, footer_unsec.html, footer.html
4. Check

Throughout the process I’ve seen that I do a lot of shit, though. I’m responsible for a grip of shit, too.

The battery on the laptop is dying. More to come. See you in Boston, bitches!

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NYC Day 1, cont.


Monday, April 1
At the suggestion of Aaron, I tried another new restaurant for dinner. I told him I wanted “cheap and filling”, and he told me “Manganaro’s Hero Boy”. He was correct. The place was empty when I walked in, and there was a nice old Italian man that called me sweetheart and asked what I wanted. Aaron recommended the Chicken Parm sub, but I wasn’t in the mood for something so heavy, so I opted for the Eggplant Parm sub, which was no lighter, but made me feel better because it was a deep fried vegetable vs. a deep fried meat.


“You want sauce on that honey?”
“Heck yes, I do!”

Assembly was as follows:

Large fresh italian roll, sliced lengthwise.
Deep fried eggplant, sliced length wise.
Thickly sliced fresh mozzerella
Deep fried eggplant, sliced length wise.
Top of Italian roll.


So you can all imagine how long a piece of eggplant is. There were 1 1/2 portions. It weighed at least 3lbs – no lie. It was intense.

It was hot and cheesy and crunchy. My three favorite food elements, rolled into one. I know I said I wouldn’t go to the same place twice (ugh!!) but I have to go here again and try something else. It was $8.00, which is NOTHING. This sandwich could have easily fed two people.

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NYC – Day 1


Sunday, April 1
I landed around 5PM. It took FOREVER to get through the taxi line, and then another forever to actually get to the sublet, where Julia met me and helped me carry my obscene amount of luggage into my new home for the next month in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s super nice. I was expecting to have to walk up the narrow staircase and see the old homeless man peeing on the steps like in Coming to America. It’s SO not like that! I’m near Times Square, and close to 9th Ave – also known as “Restaurant Row”, also known as “Holly’s most perfect place on earth”. Heck yes. Julia took me out to Wondee Siam for Thai. I just like saying the name. It was grrreat.


Monday, April 2
This morning, on my way to work, was my first official subway ride by myself. Not so bad. It’s only about 15 minutes from the sublet to work – not bad considering my commute is usually an hour at least. And my walk to the subway includes at least 3 starbucks’, so I have my choice. I’m at work now, incredibly busy (can’t you tell?).

I crossed one of my “Have to go here while i’m in NYC” places off my list at lunch today: S’Mac! Short for “Sarita’s Mac and Cheese”. It’s a macaroni and cheese restaurant. Heck yes! a whole restaurant dedicated to the fine art of macaroni and cheese.


I got the Goat Cheese with spinach and roasted garlic. Fantastical. Aaron got the Cajun – super good except i don’t like bell peppers. And you know how I feel about bell peppers. I know I said I wouldn’t go to the same place twice, but I’ll have to make an exception for this one.

More to come…


Happy November from NYC


Glad to see we’ve all made it to November 1st. I have the privelege of celebrating a Happy November in New York City. Our coporate office is located on 14th and Union at Union Square. Here’s a small degree of our 345 degree view of the city:

click to enlarge

My first day in NYC started on a red-eye from San Diego to JFK. We left SD at 9PM, to arrive in NYC at 5:15AM, EST. Which meant it actually felt like 3:15AM, PST. JetBlue = extra uncomfortable. Yeah, the seats are leather and you get to watch DirectTV, but they’re just plain, uncomfortable seats! Being able to watch Six Feet Under on Bravo and Chappelle on Comedy Central were my saving graces. We land, gather our baggage, and head toward the taxi line. A man comes up to us and says “need a taxi?” And we’re like “heck yes, we do”. So we follow him outside and get into his mini-van. Then we realize he’s not a real taxi driver. Gypsy! He starts taking strange side streets, and the three of us are convinced it was a not-so-good idea. My only worry was “He doesn’t give receipts, how am I gonna expense this?” We finally cross over some random bridge and see the sun rise over the New York skyline. I tapped Emma and said “Holy shit, we’re in New York!”

He gets us to our home for the next 7 days – the Double Tree Suites in Times Square, right across the street from where they film TRL. We drop off our bags and ask the doorman where we could have breakfast. He points us to Evergreen arounnd the corner.

click to enlarge

Good cheap breakfast. Nice pictures of C-List 80′s actors on the wall. An all-around good place. We’ll definitely go again. So now we have nothing left to do but wander the streets of New York.

click to enlarge

We even saw the live taping of the Today Show.

today show
click to enlarge

We finally met up with Jenn (a native of our NYC office) and she takes us to the office. We bought our one week MetroCards, and took my first NYC subway.


We saw the new office, met co-workers we had only previously exchanged emails with, had a couple of meetings and then it was time for lunch. Even though they had already been there the day before, our NYC office took one for the team and took us to Patsy’s so I could have my first authentic NY slice.


It’s no Sbarros… but it was good. (I kid, I kid)


We finally got back to the hotel around 3PM and SLEPT like nobody’s business….

more updates to come. :)

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