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Cooper Design Space – Go, please :)


A few months ago Mikee was invited to participate in “The Cooper Video Wall”, a video art installation showcasing the photography and videos of several artists. Mikee’s contact mentioned that she needed another artist to participate, and Mikee, being the awesomely awesome spectacular and fabulous person that he is, kindly forwarded over some of my work. And… well, whaddya know, they liked it. So, along with Mikee’s super sick work, you’ll be able to see some of my favorite photos as well.


You can view the LA Times article on The Cooper Video Wall by clicking the image above. The first image of the article [pictured above] is one of my shots (!!!!). You can see the original here. [note - it's actually fading into my next image]

So, if you’re in the LA area, or if you’d just like to drive a ridiculous distance to see it, go see it, please .


oh shit, it’s a setup!


So, most of you know I’m pretty big on taking photos. I heard someone say “pictures, or it didn’t happen”, which is my new motto. Take pictures, or it didn’t happen! So, I’ve decided to take my photo taking to another level and try to work with “studio” lights, and by “studio” lights I mean garage work lights from Home Depot and Lowes. And voila, ghetto-rigged studio galore!

Mikee’s been helping me with the technical aspects… fstops and ISOs and shutter speeds and whatnot, since I’m not so good at that stuff. I like to think I have an “eye” for photography, but don’t necessarily know how to capture exactly what I want, so I rely on photoshop a lot. The goal with the ghetto set up is to get more technically proficient, so maybe I can sell some stock photos someday, make a little scrill on the side… who knows. Here’s the first (photoshopped by mikee) shot out of the GhettoStudio4 (the official name of my studio that I just made up as I was typing).


Let the festivities begin…


Now that we’re officially 2 blocks away from some of our favorite bars in San Diego, getting drunk has never felt so free! Usually, I’m the uptight one that never drinks because I always have to drive so far home, but not anymore, my friends. The last two weekends I’ve been Drunky McSlurspeech, and I’ve definitely had my fill. I’m good, at least until my birthday. Here’s some shots from last weekend.

“Oh, let’s do our camera-ready smiles!”

“Oh hell no, what kind of face was that?”

“Fine, do something else.”

I guess I don’t have to be in every picture. Dangit.