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Friday Four #45: Firsts & Lasts


It’s been a few months since the last Friday Four, so I thought I’d finally bring it back with some questions about your firsts & lasts. Here we go… answer in the comments.

1. What’s the very first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning?
2. What’s the very last thing you do before you go to sleep?
3. You get home after a long day’s work. What’s the first thing you do when you step in the door?
4. What was the last thing you purchased?

Happy Friday, perras!


Friday Four #44: Would You Rather Edition pt. 2


I did a Would You Rather version of the Friday Four a while back, and thought it would be fun to revisit it… especially since I haven’t done a Friday Four since the beginning of August (my bad, dog).

So, would you rather:

1. get uglier -OR – get dumber
2. not have internet access -OR- not have a car
3. get cut 1000 times and then rolled in salt -OR- have each of your finger nails ripped off 1 by 1 (thanks shanti)
4. be able to fly -OR- have telekinetic abilities

optional bonus for the fellas (courtesy of the pants):
4b. have man boobs -OR- sound like a woman

Happy Friday, Happy October. Holly hearts you. Real bad. Answer in the comments.


Friday Four #43: Firsts Edition


Happy August babies. Let’s talk about our firsts….

1. First boyfriend/girlfriend.

2. First time you got stupid drunk. Like, stupid drunk.

3. First concert. (editor’s note: the word first is starting to look and sound very weird right about now)

4. First time you fell in love.

Answer in the comments, and Happy frickin’ Friday!


The Friday Four #42: Gabe Takeover – I Heart the 90s Edition


This edition of the Friday Four comes to you, once again, from Gabe. Because his questions are better than mine… and because mine are always about food. Enjoy.

it’s that time of the week again! for this week’s GG Edition of Friday Four, we will be talking about the wondrous late 80s early 90s. everyone should know how important the 90s were, because heck, it’s the only decade most of us can remember in full…here we go.

1. who would you rather… you know… do. Punky, Cherry, Margot or Allan… and most importantly, why?

2. Yo Yo Ball, Balzak or Skip It. Why?

3. so, it’s 1993 and you want to buy a car, and your rich computer salesman dad won’t hook you up with that Ferrari you asked for. looks like it’s time to get a job. Malibu Sands, Peach Pit, or hope that you strike oil out behidn the footbalfield, subsequently killing your pet duck, but also making you and your friends the richest kids in the world (yeah, that makes sense).

4. it’s time for lunch. what do you have? Slimer Ecoplasm Cooler? some sort of Capri Sun or just a straight up Lunchable?

and this concludes our little trip into the early 90s. now go on and get back to playing with your band, talking to your dad who lives in space, eating cats with Alf, or getting life advice from your butler that you have, although you are obviously a normal middle class family.

::enter slow piano and large british man::
according to our new arrival
life is more than mere survival
but you just might read the friday four yet.

Thank you Gabe, for another wonderful Friday Four. Answer in the comments and happy Friday.


The Friday Four #41: Last Meal Edition


Another Friday Four post about food? Really?

Yes, really.

You don’t even really need to think for this one. It should come easy. If you could choose, what would your absolute last meal on earth be?

1. Appetizer
2. Any specific soup/salad?
3. Main Course
4. Dessert

Happy Friday, bitchessssssssanswer in the comments.


Monday Madness’ Friday Four #40: Financial Uncertainty Edition


Since Gabe forgot to do the Friday Four on Friday, we’re doing it today, hence Monday Madness’ Friday Four. Here ya go, Gabe’s Monday Friday Four.

lets talk extreme financial uncertainty in this weeks monday madness:

1. how much is TOO much for gas? and when i say too much i mean ” i ain’t drivin, i’m taking the bus, walking or buying a lame hybrid.

2. would you change any other significant areas of spending to enable your self to continue to afford to drive, i.e move to a smaller place, buy that lame hybrid i just burned you for, sell your pure bred German pointer to the gypsies etc…

3. let’s hear your sob story..or you upside-down on your house? can’t afford to buy even though now would be a great time…having to sell your body just to be able to live in a good neighborhood, and by good i mean really gay or almost all white. no exceptions.

4. a lot of companies have been trying to adjust to our economic changes a little late, mostly by eliminating personnel, how secure are you in your jobs longevity?

and that my friends is our depressing first shot and Monday Madness

Thanks Gabe. Answer in the comments, please.


The Friday Four #39: Come Clean Edition


Fill in the blanks.

1. Hi, my name is _________ and I’m a/an ___________.
2. I realized I was a/an ______________ when _______________.
3. I’ve been addicted to ______________ since _______________.
4. I hate to admit it, but I’m a sucker for ____________________.

Happy Friday, my friends. Answer in the comments.


The Friday Four #38: Gabe Takeover – Travel For Work Edition


Another takeover by Gabe. Enjoy.

since i will be leaving for yet another cold terrible place on sunday i thought i would ask you all, my esteemed brethren about your work travels, good and bad:

1. Where was your best work travel destination, and since it was sooo great did you actually do any work?

2. Worst? Why?

3. Ever pull the “out of town” hook up, only to never talk to the man/woman/boy/girl/pre-op tranny ever again?

4. Most expensive expensed meal?

ta da. and there you have it! now if you will excuse me i need to pack to go to illinois tomorrow. ak. barf.

Thanks Gabe. I appreciate you not including anything about killing anyone or prostitutes. Although I guess #3 could encompass some sort of prostitution. dangit.

Happy Friday, my friends. Answer in the comments.


The Friday Four #37: Guilty Pleasures Edition


I’ve decided to give Gabe the week off and write my own Friday Four. Let’s talk about guilty pleasures…

1. What song/album/artist are you embarrassed to admit you like?
2. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
3. Canned Cheese: disgusting or guilty pleasure?
4. Money: can it buy you happiness?

Random Optional Bonus Question: You’re microwaving a frozen dinner, and it says to cook for 3-4 minutes. What do you set the microwave for?
Note: I’ve been microwaving a lot of frozen dinners lately, and everytime I see a range of time to cook for, I wonder what other people do.

Answer in the comments. Happy Friday, fools.


The Friday Four #36: Gabe Takeover – Kill Myself Or… Edition.


As you know, every once in a blue moon when I’m completely out of ideas or just plain lazy, Gabe takes over the Friday Four. Here, he’s done it again. All I did was copy and paste, folks.

ok guys..there are some things we just wont do…so much that we would rather take our own prescious lives instead of doing…so this week i present your self the “kill myself or…edition”

1. so this is a nice cubicle…i bet you only took this job because you thought you would advance to that office over there and be recognized for your talents..but that was like 4 years ago. Sit in this cube at this job till death or kill yourself?

2. yeah your boyfriend/girlfriend…i guess s/he is kinda cool but your last one was wayyy hotter and cooler… stay with the partner you and your friends don’t care for, that you had already called a temp thing forever, get married, procreate and die in each other’s arms, never to love another..or ..ya know..kill yourself.

3. man i sure love guacamole..guac on everything..and i mean everything… forever… or kill yourself.

4. ya know what was really fun and enriching? high school!..maybe we should go back to school again, as we are now, for a good 4 more years. high school or death? gentleman keep in mind you no longer can touch any of the hot high school girls, and girls..know that you are a creep..can’t hook up with teachers and that guys are intimidated by you which means they will make fun of you..which you swear doesn’t hurt your feelings..but it does, which is why you listening to morrissey constantly when its not even 1985. come on.

and thus concludes my friday four


Thanks Gabe. Answer in the comments, kids. Happy Friday.