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that’s what friends are for…


Another installation of IM Quotables, by yours truly and one Migs Vuitton

Holly: this is completely random, but if anything ever happens to me and my picture needs to be published in some official capacity, like i’m lost and i’m on the news or i die and they need something for the obituary, i’m putting you in charge of choosing the picture
because my mom and my sister will choose some fucked up shit
like my current FB picture

Mikee: lmao
thats funny
i’ll make you a collage boo

Holly: oh perfect.


Music, the importance of…


Music is a super important part of my life. If you know me at all, you know that’s nothin but the truth. It’s entertainment, it’s art. I often associate certain songs with important events in my life…we all do that. We do it in the office all the time.

For example::

:: fade in Pretty Brown Eyes by Mint Condition::

Mikee: OMG, I love this song.

Holly: I know, right?

Mikee: How long ago was this?

Holly: 6th grade, cause I had a crush on Joseph and we danced to this after school at one of those super lame cafeteria middle school dances.

:: fade out Pretty Brown Eyes ::

I couldn’t tell you what year that was off the top of my head, but I remember what was happening in my life when that song first came out.

And I love that…

Except when songs you really really love, you know… the songs you crave so much that you can’t sleep until you hear them, or you at least have to sing the whole song through in your head… except when those songs that you cherish most remind you of bad things, sad things, bad people. It ruins a perfectly good song… For a little while at least. No matter how much you love the song, you know it’s hard to hear it.


so many songs I want to listen to right now.

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I went to dinner with the fam last night, and, as always, my sister tells me to have a baby and she’ll take care of it. And, as always, my answer was a resounding crack-induced Whitney Houston “Hell to the NO!”. But it did get me thinking about baby names, which is always fun. I definitely want my kids to have unique names – not like celebrity status with names like Apple and Coco, or ghetto pseudo-ethnic status like LaShawndra or Kenyetta, or super trendy like Madison and Mackinzie. I’ve always had an affinity for Greek names, like Persephone. But I couldn’t stand the thought of my child going through life being called “Purse-fone” (just fyi, it’s “per-sef-uh-nee”). Maybe it could be a middle name.

Then, there are the good old standbys that I’ve always loved – Avery (I know, it’s a paper company) and Sebastian (I know, he’s a crab).

I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that I won’t be having a child any time soon. You can even scratch that “almost” in the last sentence out. Babies ain’t comin’ out of Holly no time soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about baby names of future offspring.

Leave your favorites in the comments.


You ever wonder…


Do you ever wonder if someone is doing the same exact thing you’re doing at the exact same time you’re doing it? I wonder that sometimes.

So on Sunday, I went to the beach to practice using my new camera, and as I was walking down the beach I ran into a girl with the same camera as me, taking pictures. We both looked at each other and at the same time said “Can I take a picture of you?”

And we did.

So yes, it happens. I’ve confirmed it. It is always possible that someone is doing the exact same thing as you at the exact same time. Whether or not you actually get to witness that in a lifetime, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s common and I’m just naive. Either way, I think it’s kinda fresh I caught it.


My Angry Song


Another installment of the “What Ifs”, brought to you by Basement Jaxx and Lisa Kekaula.

So, this week, I can say i’ve been pretty angry at the world. And, how fitting, that I also have an angry song, which you can listen to on your right…. that is, until I decide to change it again. I’ve changed it 6 times this week, two of those times were today, but for some reason I keep changing it right back to Good Luck. And can you blame me, I mean… look at these beautiful, angry lyrics!

“Tell me tell me is life just a playground? Think you’re the real deal honey, and someone’ll always look after you?
But wake up baby, you’re so totally deluded. You’ll end up old and lonely if you don’t get a bullet in your head.
Good luck good luck… good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmares honey, when your’re resting your head.
You sold me sold me sold me down the river now. Hope you’re feeling happy now. Now you’ll always have a sneer in your smile.”

And her voice… oh her voice. So perfect for the song.

So, what’s your angry song? That song you listen to when the world fucking sucks. It sure doesn’t make you feel any better, but you feel like someone out there can sympathize with you. Maybe I should go listen to my happy song.


My Happy Song


Got to Give It Up Part I by the wonderfulness-ness that is Mr. Marvin Gaye.

No matter what kinda f’ed up mood I’m in, or if I’m already in a good mood, this song just makes it even better. That beat, those drums… that voice. It takes me to a happy place. The same happy place that the Kitchen Sink roll from Sushi on the Rock takes me too. That’s a mighty happy place.

On another note, I was watching VH1 Soul, as I do every morning, and Eric Benet’s new song came on – I Wanna Be Loved. I love the melody, it’s beautiful. But ain’t this the same nigga that cheated on Halle Berry? If that don’t get him a trip straight to Hades, I don’t know what will. But it just feels so wrong hearing him sing about wanting to be loved, when he was loved by one of the most beautiful women in the world. Nigga please… write another beautiful song, just let John Legend or Brian McKnight or Joe sing it next time. Comin’ from him, it just seems *wrong.

What’s your happy place song?


You don’t look like no Holly…


I went to Wings n’ Thangs for lunch with my co-workers. I ordered the 5 strip chicken meal with hot sauce AND barbecue sauce, as recommended by Sam. I handed the lady my check card to charge my meal and she looks up at me and says “You don’t look like no Holly…” So I asked her what I “looked” like, and this bitch said “You look like a Diane.”


First of all, who the fuck EVER looks like a Diane? The only people that look like Diane’s are existing Dianes – old white ladies that have had that name all their life. That’s who. So I told her that I could have been an Earlene or Earla, and we concurred that Holly was the better of the options.

Diane my ass…

Which brings me to the question… if you could have picked out your own name, what would you pick? I’ll have to think about this one and get back to you in the comments :)


one hit wonder


In my lack of bloggage, i’ve decided to post a question that we’ve been debating in the office:

You’re a one hit wonder. Who are you and what’s your one hit? Past or present, it doesn’t matter. So far I’ve narrowed it down to three:

Would I Lie To You – Charles and Eddie
With You – Tony Terry
Mother Mother – Tracy Bonham

Who are you? What’s your hit?