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Hey, it’s my birthday!

You should come celebrate with me n’ stuff:

As for shopping ideas… I don’t need your presents, just your presence. But if you still want to get me something last minute… I’m a big fan of flowers. Peonies and daffodils in particular. I’m also a fan of gift cards. Any cards will do, any excuse to spend more money and still feel like I’m “saving”. Thanks.

Hope to see your beautiful faces tonight!

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making-up is hard to do…


Today, I started with eyeliner.

I’ve never been the type to wear make-up on the daily basis for various reasons… 1) I’m too lazy 2) I really don’t know what I’m doing and 3) I’m just too lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I can doll up when needed, but it’s usually a special occasion (my birthday, new year’s, picture taking lol).

In recent mornings, I’ve found myself looking in the mirror before I leave for work and thinking “Damn, I should put on some makeup” or “Where the FUCK did these dark circles come from? I should use some concealer” when I never really felt the need before. Maybe the creeping up of my “late twenties” is playing mind games with me. Maybe I’m sick of looking 18 all of the time. Maybe it’s time for me to look my age?

So, the personal struggle really comes with this thought – Do I feel the need to wear make-up to conform and fit in with “the man’s” definition of beauty, or do I simply want to do it to look my best and feel good about myself? Or are they one in the same?

So today I started with eyeliner. No powder, now foundation, no blush… and considering the closest I get to make-up daily is putting on some Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm, this is a nice little baby step. We’ll see if it sticks.

p.s. i have tendency to rub my eyes a lot. so if you see me walkin’ round looking crazy with raccoon eyes, please flag me down. thanks.

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the nye pregame show.


my favorite part of nye was the pregame show hosted at mikee’s brother’s house. we scoured his fridge (sorry, brian!) and ended up making a concoction of cherry vodka, lychee juice and ginger ale… which might sound completely disgusting, but it was completely good. see a few more pics @migsvuitton’s site.



i love me some cargo !!

After all this fun and fuckery, we watched a cougar and a 12 year old asian boy make out in our VIP area. Then we ate chicken and waffles. Happy NYE!

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2009 -> 2010


is this year over yet? and does a date change on a calendar really indicate a fresh start? why can’t december 14th, or some other arbitrary date, be the date of new beginnings?

john west said it pretty well:
either way, something needs to budge. i think it’s me.

loud audible sigh. let’s go, twenty-ten.

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thankfully-ness: day 29


29. holly + jonathan: because we’re pretty effin’ epic together. i’m thankful that we have the same sense of humor. and i’m thankful for our epic-ness.

thanksgiving examples:

example 1:

:: holly stands in living room, sets cheese plate + crackers on coffee table for grubby little hands::
jonathan: you know what would be nice…?
holly: jonathan, we’re not starting a fire. there are gonna be 40 people here, it’s gonna be a sauna.
jonathan: ….

example 2:

:: holly helps put food away, clearing off the platter with the ham::
holly: move so i can throw this down the drain.
jonathan: what is that?
holly: the ham juice.
jonathan : you’re throwing it down the drain? but…
holly + jonathan in sync: mmm, ham smoothies.

did i mention he stole pie for me? the week before thanksgiving….
jonathan: what do you want from LA?
holly: sweet lady jane’s. sour cherry pie.
jonathan: mark’s bringing that, anything else?
holly: sour cherry pie.

turns out that mark did bring the sour cherry pie, he just took it to jonathan’s dad’s house instead of leaving it at his mom’s (where i was having thanksgiving with them). i got the following text message thursday evening:

jonathan: Operation “steal sour cherry pie from dad’s party by passing it through the backyard in the dark while distracting stepmo with coffe conversation as to look the other way” is complete. Jonathan: 1.

can you see the ridiculousness that is the pair of us? our fuckery is unstoppable. i’m thankful to have someone understands me down to the core. do you have someone like that? it’s pretty awesome.


thankfully-ness: days 25-28


[every day, for the month of November, I've decided to write a short blog about something I'm thankful for. these are days 25, 26, 27 and 28.]

25. moms: well, first of all, she birthed me, and i’m definitely thankful for that. where do i begin? seriously… she’s moms. she raised two girls by herself, worked and put herself through night school, drove me to high school an hour away because i didn’t want to switch to a closer local school, when she cooks, she puts her foot in it. to put it simply, she’s the business, and i love her. hard. so much that i got a tattoo for her. lol

26. tina: the bestest biggest sister ever. she probably doesn’t realize how big of an influence she’s had on my life. i can almost guarantee that i wouldn’t have the career i have now if it wasn’t for her. she loans me cash and doesn’t make me feel bad about it. she eats all my foodie suggestions and (usually) isn’t afraid. she listens to me vent at work. she makes me give her hugs. i love her, hard. so much that i got a tattoo for her, too

27. jonathan: where do i begin with this boy? sigh. i’m getting misty. he’s the reason i’ve ever been able to travel internationally. he’s the reason i’m a foodie. he leaves me the most awesomest long voicemails ever. he is my soulmate. we finish each others sentences and i swear we communicate telepathically in awkward situations. he’s my best friend in the whole wide world, and that will never change. he’s all kinds of irreplaceable. i love him like a fat kid loves sour cherry pie.

28. everyone i know: everybody that comes in and out of my life is here to teach me something. hopefully, i’ll be non-hardheaded long enough to learn, and hopefully, i’ll get lucky enough to teach them a couple things as well.

i hope you all had an awesomely awesome thanksgiving. i know i did. stay thankful.

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thankfully-ness: days 19-24


[every day, for the month of November, I've decided to write a short blog about something I'm thankful for. these are days 19,20,21,22,23 and 24.]

i really thought i could get back into the swing of blogging everyday, but that mess is hard. so, once again, i’m playing catchup.

19. laughing: because, lately, if it weren’t for my ability to laugh, i’d sure be crying a lot.

20. heated floors: not really, but if you’ve ever been to my spot, you know it’s real nice this time of year.

21. the ocean: ’cause last week, in the middle of november, i was at the beach in flip flops, and it was awesome.

22. digital cameras: who knew i’d be kinda good at the whole photography thing? shiiiit, not me.

23. my mom’s mint beef: it’s literally the only only only time i don’t pick bell peppers out of food. because my mom is the business, and she always put her foot in it.

24. the knowledge that in time, all wounds will heal: be them physical (like this “omg my boyfriend beat me down chris brown”-like gash above my eye) or emotional (like… everything else in my life that needs work), they get better. you live and you learn and you have people that are smarter than you around to help you stay on track. that’s what i do, anyway.

thankful, thankful!

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thankfully-ness: day 18


[every day, for the month of November, I've decided to write a short blog about something I'm thankful for. this is day 18.]

18. faith [more so, people that believe in you more than you believe in yourself]

i have a pretty effin’ awesome support system. between moms and sis, jono + his family, and all my super awesome friends, i’m pretty much taken care of in the love and support department. it’s a funny feeling, when people believe in you more than you believe in yourself. i’ve noticed it most recently with my photography work. i just see it as snappin’ pics and photoshoppin’ them up real pretty. hell, i’m still afraid to charge people most of the time. but, thanks to all of the awesomely awesome people in my life telling me that i have the talent and i shouldn’t be afraid to charge for it, i totally charge now. lol sometimes you just need the extra push and the vote of confidence from someone that’s… not… yourself. if that makes any sense at all. sometimes you just need that outside reassurance, and i gets it plenty. and i’m thankful for it. all kinds of thankful for it.


thankfully-ness: days 14-17


[every day, for the month of November, I've decided to write a short blog about something I'm thankful for. these are days 14,15,16 and 17.]

14. SD’s poetry scene: there are many of talented poets in san diego, and I’ve only recently scratched the surface. one of my faves? Rudy Francisco.

15. yelp: i can’t even count how many awesome restaurants i’ve found via yelp. goes to show that no matter what, word of mouth will always work.

16. backed up files: our office got broken into over the weekend. thankfully, none of our computers were stolen, but they could have been. back up your files! heads would have ROLLED if i lost my music…erm, i mean, work files. srsly.

17. team work: there was a lot of commotion at work yesterday, but we all pulled together, used what resources we had available, complained a shit ton and got the work done. that’s fucking team work (c) tenacious d via ‘F Her Gently @ 1:27

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thankfully-ness: day 13


[every day, for the month of November, I've decided to write a short blog about something I'm thankful for. this is day 13]

13. Salad, and the willpower to continue eating it

I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with salad. I’ve been a foodie almost all my life, and it finally all caught up to me in the form of cholesterol and a little more thickness than I’d like. This morning, however, after eating lots of salads (and just being more healthy in general), I saw my collarbone in the mirror. I almost forgot that shit existed. It’s been warmly hidden under a nice layer of fat for quite some time now. But it’s back, and hopefully it’s here to stay. I love salad. I hate salad. Thanks, lettuce + dressing.

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